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Come Find Us

In November 2020 myself and Jameson Rogan were commissioned by SOYO and Caddick construction to create a large-scale festive installation outside of the Play House on their Quarry Hill site. She worked with SOYO and their team to create detailed plans for the installation, alongside all relevant risk assessments.


I fabricated the work locally and then coordinated with Caddick Construction to install the work on site. The installation took place over the festive period, and provided the area with a much needed injection of positivity through the winter lockdown months when a lot of the surrounding cultural institutes such as the playhouse were not open. This project was also a great vehicle for bringing local stakeholders such as Leeds City College, Leeds Playhouse, Caddick Construction and SOYO together. It also gave local businesses something positive to share over social media during a time when other activities were restricted.


Photographer - David Lindsey

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